PM-2000 CMS

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• Expandable to 64 bedside units maximum
• Store & review 240-hour trend data for each bedside monitor
• Store & review 720 alarm events for each bedside monitor
• Up to 20000 patient information records storage
• Store & review 72-hour data for 64 channels holographic waveforms
• Various display interfaces including full screen multi-bed, half screen multi-bed and half screen key beds etc.
• Waveforms display: 2-CH ECG, 1-CH RESP, 1-CH PR, 1-CH EtCO2
• Parameters display: PR, RESP, ST segment, PVCs, SpO2, PR, NIBP, TEMP and EtCO2
• Real-time bidirectional control between bedside units and central monitoring system
• Support single screen and dual-screen display
• Audible and visual alarm with text alarms on the screen


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