PhysioGo 200A/201A* Ultrasound therapy unit

Treatment encyclopedia

PhysioGo 200A software have a rich treatment encyclopedia, which visually and descriptively presents the methodology of treatments for individual disease entities. The simplified device operation, as many as 58 predefined treatment programs and 50 user-defined programs make PhysioGo 200A an optimal tool for physiotherapists.

The user can also create a list of favorite programs from the most frequently used built-in programs and give their own names to the user’s saved program list.

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PhysioGo 200A was created based on the experience of physical therapists and the needs of patients seeking non-invasive, effective therapeutic treatments. The device works with ultrasound heads GS-4 (4-cm2 area) and GS-1 (1-cm2 area) generating ultrasound waves of 1 MHz and 3.5 MHz. This allows the treatment of shallowly located tissues and tendons (using the frequency of 3.5 MHz) and deeply located diseases (frequency of 1 MHz). In addition, PhysioGo 200A can emit waves by impulse (micro massage) or continuously, creating a beneficial thermal effect. Moreover, the therapist has the option of performing phonophoresis treatment – using a coupling gel with the active substance in it, which makes the treatment more effective.

Safe therapy

PhysioGo 200A allows to conduct therapy in manual and program mode. Regardless of the mode selected, the device monitors the emitted power during the procedure and controls the contact quality of the head’s forehead to the patient’s body. PhysioGo 200A complies with the requirements of the Medical Device Directive. The device is therefore not only an effective, but also a safe tool for conducting ultrasound therapy.


Self-test procedure implemented in PhysioGo 200A – enables current monitoring of the device’s functional status each time it is switched on. After its completion, information about connected and ready to work accessories appears on the screen of the unit – in this case, these are ultrasound heads.


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